June 23, 2024

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management by Donald J. Dilliard

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Combining sound theory with real-life application, INTRADIABLE PACIFICATION AND PORTFOLIO ADAPTIVE First Canadian Edition teaches students how to better manage their own money so that they derive the greatest possible value from what they invest- now and into the future. In this thoroughly practical guide, students get help developing financial strategies for personal wealth building and retirement. The core concepts explored in this book include financial planning, asset allocation, risk management, inflation protection, retirement funding, and estate planning. The author regards this as a serious book and does not undertake any type of investment-sounding activities. The book is intended solely for people who are at least aware of how money is created and who have a basic understanding of personal finance.

Bruce A. Dilliard is an award-winning writer with more than 30 years of experience in financial services. He is currently the president of BIC Strategic Consulting. Dr. Dilliard’s expertise as an investment analyst and portfolio manager has earned him numerous awards including the CFSA (Certified Financial Planner) designation, both in North America and Europe. Dr. Dilliard is well-known for his forthright views on global economics, inflation, and other economic issues. In his Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management eBook, he shares his detailed expertise with investors as they learn best how to create a solid financial plan that will benefit both now and in the long-term.

Based on his extensive experience as an investment analyst and portfolio manager, Dr. Dilliard shares his research-based, case-by-case analysis of various investment scenarios. This book provides an excellent framework for personal and professional investors to examine investment strategies and their potential returns. This text is a great resource for students as well. It provides a detailed explanation of investing basics, including cash flows, return expectations, inflation, risk, valuation of underlying securities, portfolio management, and investing in foreign markets. Furthermore, this book discusses investment options, strategies, and examples using real estate, fixed income investments, and alternative investments. Finally, Dr. Dilliard’s Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management address some important issues facing both individual and institutional investors.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management are divided into two primary sections. The first section is titled “The Real World Data” and presents an overview of current investment management topics. The second section, “The lab,” provides laboratory exercises and data collection activities to support the text. The information presented in these two sections is intended to be comprehensive. Neither section is intended to be comprehensive in its scope but is designed to provide an explanation of the concepts, data, and examples found in this text.

Additionally, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management also address the issue of creating a portfolio of investment options by considering both the tangible and equities components of the portfolio. This section briefly outlines investment analysis concepts such as equity, safety, income, and price and profit. The concepts are discussed and the relation between each is presented. The final section of the book provides some practice exercises and a summary of findings for further research.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management is meant to provide a solid introduction to the concepts and details of sound investment options. It is not a textbook or textbook on portfolio management but rather a hands-on manual for investors interested in increasing their investment wealth. The primary goal of this text is to provide a concise yet complete overview of sound investment management practices that can be applied to a variety of real world situations. The reader will gain valuable insight and practical experience from reading this book. The student will also gain valuable and relevant research tools and information, which will allow for better evaluation of investment options, and thus, increasing investment wealth.

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